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Synthetic latex polymers are essential components of many consumer and industrial products. These aqueous dispersions function as binders but also bring many functional properties to end products. Their broad application portfolio—ranging from paints, adhesives, and construction to tires and leather and many more—makes forecasting the market for them complex.

The synthetic latex polymers market, as studied by Kline for close to 50 years, broadly depends on a combination of industrial output trends and consumer market trends in each country or region. More specifically, their markets in individual applications depend on end-use industry factors.



Base year: 2020 to 2022


-Mapping of the monomer production facilities

Monomers covered: acrylates, ethylene, butadiene, styrene, vinyl acetate, VA VEVA ester

Information provided:

  • Plant owner
  • Monomer produced
  • Capacities


Mapping all significant consumers of emulsion polymers within key applications (adhesives and sealants, glass fiber, glove dipping, nonwovens, paints and coatings, paper)

polymers market

This program has global coverage for the markets of synthetic latex polymers.


polymers market


This study provides the production managers, CTOs, and directors within polymer manufacturing companies an in-depth understanding of the synthetic latex polymers industry's status in terms of its manufacturing and supply. It enables subscribers to assess the positioning of their manufacturing businesses and that of their competitors in the three main regions for each of the polymer chemistries. It will allow subscribers to better exploit the identified production opportunities in the industry and make well-informed strategic decisions.

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