Kline Innovation – Case Study

USE CASE | Salon Hair Care​

The Problem

To identify and quantify the opportunity in the UK Salon Hair Care industry:​

  1. Determine the key drivers affecting the industry.​
  2. Quantify driver impact and future development.
  3. Predict channel evolution and the value opportunity available.​
The Outcome

The Salon Hair Care Intelligence Centre is a subscription service used by clients to inform decisions on:​

  1. Portfolio management​​
  2. Product innovation​​
  3.  Audience targeting​​
  4.  Marketing strategy​​

Driver Determination

Ascertaining the drivers shaping the Salon Hair Care industry​

Driver Evolution

Understanding driver evolution and how this affects the industry ​

Driver Impact​

Quantifying the impact each driver has on channel performance

Channel Opportunity​

Predicting channel growth and assessing where opportunities lie
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