Access an always-on platform to validate the leading beauty and wellbeing trends and confirm whether a product, benefit, concern, or ingredient is here to stay or is just a passing fad. ​Spot key trends that are worth investing in to guide your next move in the market.
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In-Depth Beauty Coverage

Explore hundreds of beauty and wellbeing trends and their impact on consumer choices and behaviors with our simple scoring system, developed by our experts. Understand how widely and strongly each trend resonates across key categories in the United States, including hair care, skin care, makeup, bath & body, fragrances, and wellness.

Bottom-Up Trend Detection

Discover trends that are rising to the top organically, free from imposed preconceptions. This method provides the truest possible view of what is gaining traction, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of the beauty and wellbeing industry.

Rich Data + Industry Expertise

Measure current trends with high accuracy and gain valuable perspectives into their implications with expert analysis. We connect the dots between millions of data points, including social signals, traffic, and search, and augment it with over 65 years of industry expertise to uncover deeper insights beyond the surface.

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