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The Recovery of the U.S. Consumer Automotive Lubricants Market

The U.S. consumer automotive lubricants market faced several factors that impacted its recovery in 2021. This webinar, highlighting insights from our Opportunities in Lubricants: North America Market Analysis report, focuses on the influences that boosted market growth – and those that hindered it – while assessing changes in retail vs. installed trade classes for the distribution of finished lubricants in the market.

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Lubricants in Latin America: An Overview of the Unique and Diverse Market

The recovering Latin America lubricants market is nearing pre-COVID volumes and is expected to continue improving. However, growth will vary in this diverse market, as revealed by Kline’s report Opportunities in Lubricants: Latin America and Caribbean Market Analysis. The report dives into 17 markets in the region and provides a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of automotive and industrial finished lubricant products consumed, end-use industries and trade classes, major suppliers, and market trends.

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Opportunities in Lubricants: An Overview of the Indian Market

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, India suffered one of the deepest recessions in the world in 2020. Despite this – and an acute second wave of COVID cases in 2021 – the country has made a strong recovery. This webinar is based on our Opportunities in Lubricants: India Market Analysis study, which not only focuses on the Indian lubricants market’s 2021 recovery but also analyzes lubricants demand as well as market dynamics of major end-use applications in automotive and industrial segments. The analysis of market dynamics and outlook also takes into consideration the penetration of electric vehicles.

This webinar will help you:

Understand the Indian lubricant demand in 2021 and 2026
Comprehend market trends, regulations, quality evolution, and competitive landscape
Identify growing products and segments that offer high potential for the stakeholders in the lubricants value chain

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