Introducing: Kline Trend Predictor

Predict the future and develop your product strategies

Bottom up

We are capturing all social chatter surrounding a category without imposing pre-conceptions

All in one place

Convenient, fast insights that remain dynamic

Rich data sources

Machine learning meets traditional research and industry expertise

Reliable predictors

Utilize a database built on data science

Easy, simple scoring

Trend Predictor Impact (TPI) scores allow for easy tracking of trends with 90% accuracy


new consumer segments, hashtags and potential customers

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Unleash the Power of Trend Forecasting!

Instantly monitor consumer behavior

Real-Time crawling of social media platforms and web search traffic  ensures consumer are tracked anytime anywhere

High quality data sources

Robust data, advanced language models and key indicators combine with cutting edge data science techniques to deliver digital metrics and analyses

Track early signals as soon as they appear

Monitor trends before they gain traction  and get ahead of the crowds

Sharpening accuracy with machine learning

Machine learning plays a crucial role in training models to learn patterns and representation of language to increase the accuracy of prediction

Trend Forecasting is the ultimate tool

Why is it a game-changer?

It’s all about developing products that align seamlessly with the changing habits and beauty routines of your customers. Forget about shooting in the dark; trend forecasting ensures you hit the bullseye every time. By staying ahead of the curve, businesses save precious time and hard-earned cash. It’s like having a cheat code for business success. You’re not just meeting market demands; you’re anticipating them, and that’s a game-changer.

In essence, trend forecasting is the ultimate money-saving, profit-boosting tool in your arsenal. It’s not just about keeping up; it’s about leading the pack and turning consumer preferences into your golden ticket to success. So, why does trend forecasting matter? Because it’s the secret sauce that transforms trends into triumphs. Get ready to revolutionize your business game!

Make strategic forward-looking decisions

Launch your next game-changing product

Innovate faster than your competitors

Understand your future audience

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Trend forecasting is the ultimate money-saving, profit-boosting tool in your arsenal