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Stay Ahead of the Pack

Kline’s mission is to decipher the trends impacting the industry their expected trajectory and their revenue potential. By harnessing the power of social listening and working hand in hand with market leaders, we detect early trend signals and the consumer cohorts driving growth to inform marketing and innovation strategies.

Trusted and established provider

Kline is uniquely positioned as a trusted provider of analytics solutions that promotes competitiveness, sustained growth, and leadership in our core industries for over 62 years.

Partnering with leaders

Kline partners with leaders to unlock the potential of data analytics, uncover profound insights, and foster innovation, enabling companies to deliver substantial value both today and in the future.

Innovating through analytics

Kline is developing its analytical capabilities by deploying  advanced software, hiring top talent and investing in robust data sources. These come together alongside social listening insight to produce an end-to-end trend foresight tool.

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