Trend Foresight

Plot the strategic direction of your business with Trend Predictor Impact (TPI)

What is Trend Predictor Impact?

Trend Predictor Impact (TPI) scores future market potential of every up-and-coming trend. Our experts condense a variety of tracked metrics into a simple scoring system which allows you to easily monitor the potential of trends. Our TPI Algorithm forecasts future market potential with 90% accuracy.

Why should I invest in trend forecasting?

Ever wondered why trend forecasting matters so much?

It’s the secret sauce that keeps your business ahead of the game. In the fast-paced world of commerce, knowing what’s hot and what’s not is the key to success. Trend forecasting isn’t just a crystal ball for predicting the future; it’s your strategic ally in dodging the pitfalls of investing in products that might fall flat with your target audience.

Develop your business plan with data-backed clarity

Realize your plan for longer-term growth opportunities and remove the risk or doubt in the process

Make fast, confident, effective decisions

Never lose sight of the latest developments and newest trends

Strengthen and strategize

Identify fast growing categories for potential expansion

Get ready to revolutionize your business game!