Consumer Deep Dive

Adapt your product portfolio to meet consumer needs

How to uncover potential consumers?

Find out how consumer segments really feel and what they want

We explore sentiments, reviews, searches, discussions and hashtags to find out how to tap into new consumer segments and grow with your audience.  We can segment data by demographics, voices and themes, tracking sentiment and what trends the consumer follows. Aiming launches at specific customers has never been easier.  

Know your audience thoroughly

Develop a deep understanding of customer intent, attitudes, new voices and latest hashtags by using our digital and social tools

Capture all social chatter online

We will throw a wide net, gathering sentiment and prevalence of trends discussed on various social media platforms – Combining Twitter, Insta, TikTok, YouTube and online search data.

Unravel the noise

We turn huge amounts of data pulled from social platforms into digestible insight gems. Combing, cleaning and careful categorization of all data pieces will be done for you.

Anticipate your audience’s needs and adapt to become irreplaceable to consumers