Business Growth

Every company in the world needs growth.

Achieving it rapidly and making it sustainable and profitable is more challenging today than ever before. Barriers have never been higher, with external and internal forces colliding to make growth more difficult. Saturated markets, pricing pressures, increasing competition, internal politics, conflicting priorities, and inertia are just some of the barriers that must be overcome.

We deliver effective and executable strategies built on deep industry expertise, analytical capabilities, and a collaborative approach. Kline’s processes have proven to be successful in helping clients achieve growth around the world.


Innovation is spoken of often, but practiced less so.

For companies that do it well, innovation is a growth driver and value enhancer, providing competitive advantage in any industry. Other companies are challenged to turn the promise of innovation into a reality that produces tangible results. Marked by few new product ideas and sluggish development, many companies are not satisfied with the results of their innovation activities.

We have proven capabilities to help companies move to best practice performance, with major competitive, operational, and organizational benefits.

M&A Advisory

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be a key part of a company's expansion and growth strategies.

Particularly in challenging economic times, M&A can add value and provide competitive advantage. If your company is looking to develop an M&A strategy or better execute a strategy in place, Kline’s M&A Support consulting service can provide solutions to deliver results and help you win.

Kline is a leading global M&A advisor to a diverse base of global clients and partners. We deliver effective, objective, and executable strategies built on deep industry expertise, analytical and management consulting capabilities, and a collaborative approach.

Kline’s M&A Advisory service success is built around integrated competency platforms:

  • Acquisition-led growth strategies
  • Commercial and technical due diligence
  • Manufacturing competitiveness
  • Deal origination
  • Capital raising

Manufacturing Competitiveness

Improving margins and profitability is the goal of nearly every business, particularly in challenging economic times.

Manufacturing and supply chain are key areas for managing costs, increasing productivity, and improving profitability. Most companies lack the knowledge and expertise to analyze these areas effectively and deliver executable strategies.

If your company is underperforming and losing margin, Kline’s Manufacturing Competitiveness consulting service can provide solutions to deliver results and help you win.

Kline has a proven methodology to benchmark your performance against competitors’ manufacturing and supply chain cost positions. We then develop programs to enhance your competitiveness with processes proven to be successful in helping clients deliver significant contribution to the bottom line.

Market Entry

Expanding into a new market to generate growth is one of the most challenging undertakings for a company.

Conflicting priorities, internal politics, inertia and lack of knowledge often prevent corporate and business management from developing credible market entry strategies, when your company needs to deliver top-line growth by entering new markets or business adjacencies, Kline’s Market Entry consulting service can help you.

We deliver effective, unbiased, and executable strategies. Kline’s processes build consensus around actionable success pathways that draw on our global industry expertise. Ours is a proven three-phase modular process which addresses where to focus, how to enter, and what it takes to win.

Pricing & Margin Management

Companies that market multiple products or through multiple channels often lose margin because of pricing complexities.

In many cases, they do not know where profit is lost because they lack the knowledge and expertise in price/margin management. Companies that do have programs in place are usually ineffective at understanding the causes of loss and cannot provide solutions for improvement.

If your company is losing margin because of pricing complexities, we can help restore lost profitability. To restore profits, Kline develops and helps execute pricing and margin improvement strategies using our deep understanding of asset-intensive industries and proprietary tools and methods. Our experience tell us that a client should expect an increased operating margin of 5% to 10% as a result of our service.