Client Type: Leading global food ingredient supplier

Our client had identified ageing nutrition as a potential future growth platform and wanted Kline to validate its hypothesis and develop a 10-year growth strategy

Kline Solution:
Kline utilized a collaborative, two-phase, eight-stage program scheduled over a six-month time frame. The first phase answered the question where to play in the global ageing nutrition market and involved an extensive global primary research program featuring consumer focus groups, key opinion leaders, industry experts, nutritionists, dieticians, etc. The second phase addressed how our client should play in the attractive opportunities identified in the first phase and featured a range of creative strategies, including playing downstream in the value chain in such developing markets as China

Our analysts:

  • Assessed attractiveness of ageing nutrition business
  • Identified five attractive areas for our client to focus on
  • Clearly articulated an executable strategy, which in selected cases involved identifying, screening, and approaching M&A targets

Our client is in the process of implementing its strategy


Client Type: Leading global fast food company

Market conditions had become increasingly “hostile” for this client, with competitors making significant inroads and outpacing our client with new products, while their rate of sales growth was reaching an all-time low. Our client needed to obtain depth understanding of competitive strategy, business practices, and financial performance to allow it to effectively address its business strategy.

Kline Solution:
A multi-phased engagement to provide our client with objective, detailed, and validated information and knowledge on their chief competitors, covering a specific type of marketing program, product procurement, distribution, and other areas. The insights provided gave the client a credible and in-depth basis from which to judge competition, and to evaluate its own strategy and business practices. We collaborated with our client to optimize its supply chain practices, distribution system, and HR decision making, as well as to plan its marketing strategy. Client has since regained its competitive stature, and is achieving strong financial results (favorable stock performance and increase in same store sales).


Client Type: Leading global food company

The new area of “functional foods” was emerging in the U.S. market and our client needed to determine if and how it should participate in the sector.

Kline Solution:
Kline's management consulting team of consumer products and consumer healthcare professionals worked with our client’s new business team to understand the current and future potential of the market, and to define and assess alternate participation strategies for our client.

Our management consultants provided market knowledge, and led an off-site strategy development workshop with the client. Strategic options evaluated ranged from developing functional “messaging” for some of its existing brands, to acquiring an OTC brand. Our client has built a successful business through the former strategy approach, by promoting the functional benefits of some of its core global equities and as part of an overall healthy eating platform.