Kline Helps Companies Succeed in the Complex Healthcare Industry

Kline has expertise in the healthcare industry with extensive knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and other payers.

Healthcare is a complex, rapidly changing industry in which companies must adapt business models and strategies to succeed. While healthcare spending has grown faster than GDP in most developed countries for years, it cannot increase indefinitely. Healthcare reform and increasing competition are forcing companies to find ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies and productivity.

We leverage our global organization to help clients understand industry challenges and how they can evolve their business models to gain competitive advantage and improve performance. Our ability to uncover opportunities and develop effective strategies for clients is rooted in our deep industry knowledge coupled with leading-edge expertise in market and competitive intelligence, pricing and margin analytics, and M&A support.

Whether the challenge is performance improvement or growth, Kline has the underlying healthcare industry knowledge and proven processes to help our clients uncover opportunities, gain competitive advantage and succeed


Kline Understands the Challenges of the Complex, Rapidly Changing Healthcare Market

Companies in the healthcare industry face obstacles, but can seize on opportunities in this complex and rapidly changing market. They look to Kline’s experts for solutions in dealing with a wide range of issues including:

  • Generating growth that’s profitable and sustainable
  • Adapting business models to rapidly changing market conditions
  • Maintaining profitability against increasing cost pressures
  • Improving operational performance and productivity
  • Developing different growth strategies for developed and developing markets


Healthcare Expertise Coupled with Targeted Service Solutions Help You Win

Kline has deep knowledge of what it takes to gain competitive advantage in the rapidly changing world of Healthcare. We leverage our industry expertise across our global organization and apply targeted service solutions to work with clients on productivity, technology, pricing, customer, and country initiatives. Our service solutions include:

  • Business Growth: Evaluate attractiveness of options that provide greatest chance of winning with rapid, sustainable, and profitable growth
  • Innovation: Help optimize approach to achieve greater innovation and more effective spend
  • M&A Advisory: Leverage our deep industry knowledge and transaction support services to uncover candidates and perform due diligence
  • Manufacturing Competitiveness: Draw upon our robust cost benchmarking to improve gross margins and to support physical asset decisions
  • Market Entry: Help clients expand into business adjacencies or entirely new markets and regions to deliver top-line growth
  • Pricing & Margin Management: Utilize robust quantitative research to evaluate pricing options and related profit pools to increase margin significantly