Metals & Minerals

Supply Constraints, Unprecedented Demand

The demand for minerals is reaching all-time highs to support the transition to the low carbon economy. Minerals serve as key components of renewable energy, electric vehicles, solar panels, wind turbines, and battery storage of large quantities of environmentally sensitive materials. This demand is challenged by the criticality of supply, with less access to resources due to depletion, particularly in more accessible geographic areas. Mining companies are further impacted with their value chain disrupted by trade wars and protectionism.

For industry participants, determining which minerals will be the big winners in the green economy is the million-dollar question. Efforts have been made by governmental resources and OEMs to lock in supply to make sure they have access to critical commodities. While forecasting and predictive analytics can help evaluate the vast array of “what if” scenarios, entering longer term supply agreements between mining companies and manufacturers to share the risk could be the best mitigating solution.

Our Expertise

Kline follows the global mining industry with an emphasis on higher-value, lower-volume metals and minerals. This includes legacy reporting on extender and filler pigments, to global projects on specialty silicas, magnesium compounds, specialty clays and organic and inorganic thickeners. For further details, please download a complete list of our product experience in industrial minerals.

Our expertise also extends to adjacent chemical categories.

Advisory Experience

Examples of our industrial minerals advisory experience are provided below. Please contact us to learn more about our project work and capabilities.
  • Strategy support: global diversification strategy in industrial minerals
  • Strategy support: opportunities in global high temperature insulation in the petrochemicals industry
  • Market intelligence: kaolin in ceramic applications in Central and Western Europe
  • Market entry: global entry strategy in calcined kaolin
  • Market intelligence: markets for filler grade calcium carbonate in selected European countries
  • Market intelligence: opportunities in the foundry market in Europe
  • Strategy support: global entry strategy in bentonite
  • Market intelligence: analysis of the European and North American coating clay markets
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: manufacturing analysis of several GCC producing sites in Europe
  • Manufacturing & supply chain: competitive manufacturing assessment of selected zircon grinding operations
  • Market intelligence: global analysis of pigments and pigment dispersions
  • Market intelligence: analysis of paper pigment markets in Austria and Germany
  • Market intelligence: global customer satisfaction study in ceramic raw materials
  • Market intelligence: opportunities for cristobalite
  • Market intelligence: natural silica markets – European analysis
  • Market intelligence: global market analysis in silicon carbide
  • Market intelligence: opportunities for precipitated silicas in Eastern Europe
  • Market intelligence: worldwide growth opportunities in specialty silicas
  • Technology & innovation: commercial potential for precipitated geothermal silica
  • Market intelligence: specialty paper applications for silica fillers – Japan, Europe, North America
  • Market intelligence: U.S. market for precipitated silica in rubber

Advisory Project Case Studies

The following project examples provide some additional details for specific assignments.

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