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Beauty Retailing: The Shift to Speed and Convenience

The pandemic had a profound impact on the beauty retailing world last year, forcing retail outlets like Ulta and department stores to temporarily close while creating a tremendous shift to e-commerce during lockdowns. The big story of the year was how Internet sales surged 47.5%, as revealed by Kline’s soon-to-bepublished Beauty Retailing: U.S. Channel Analysis and Opportunities. The pandemic accelerated changes that were already in progress, such as the move to a stronger digital landscape, with years worth of digital enhancement happening in a matter of weeks and months and even consumers who previously resisted online shopping becoming avid users. 

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The Future of Beauty Retail

The Future of Beauty Retail: Technology

The rapidly changing beauty retail environment is the result of big changes in consumer purchasing behavior. Millennials as a group have helped transform the retail space, in the same way they continue to transform the world, via technology. This group turns to their mobile devices to help run their lives from hailing an Uber, to ordering a latte, to purchasing beauty products, all with the use of apps.

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