Professional Laundry Chemicals Growth

Professional Laundry Chemicals Growth Driven by Commercial Laundries, Lodging, and Extended-Care Facilities

Later this month, Kline & Company will publish its 2nd edition of Laundry Chemical Products. This report includes findings and insights from more than 500 structured surveys with decision makers at end-use segments, such as commercial laundries, hospitals, extended-care facilities, lodging establishments, prisons and jails, small on-premise laundries (OPLs), major OPLs, and shirt laundries. Continue reading

Laundry Chemical Products in the U.S.

A Quick Recap of the U.S. Laundry Chemical Market

The U.S. market for professional laundry chemical products is a mature market with increased supplier consolidation, characterized as having a small number of large customers that have high service requirements and a considerable number of small to medium-sized end users. Margins are tight in this business, and end user consolidation continues to be a factor in suppliers’ need to maintain and retain their customers. Therefore, understanding the needs of end users is paramount.Continue reading