MakeUp in New York 2017

Innovators Pushing the Makeup Industry

The MakeUp in New York Show was a great reminder of some of the most important issues facing the makeup industry in 2017. Below are some of our key takeaways from the event, with Kline’s perspective on the issues.


We can’t talk about the makeup industry in the United States without mentioning of one of the most dynamic forces in the industry—indie brands. Kline’s latest report Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States found that indie brands are contributing to double- and triple-digit gains in the beauty industry.Continue reading

U.S. Cosmetics and Toiletries Market

What’s Ahead in the U.S. Cosmetics and Toiletries Market?

Naturally positioned products, male grooming, indie brands, beauty apps, and the power of social media were some of the most talked-about trends in the U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market in 2015. Posting solid gains for the sixth year in row, the market is poised to continue on this upward path in 2016. We will reveal these trends and assess their impact on the market landscape.

As we start our research for the next edition of our annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report, our beauty expert Naira Aslanian shares a few insights about the market and this highly detailed report.Continue reading

Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands

NYX, GlamGlow, and Dermalogica are Now Sold, Who is Next? – Kline Answers

GlamGlow, NYX, Le Labo, Ren, and Dermalogica are among several of the hottest formerly indie brands sold in the intense string of beauty acquisitions over the past two years. Coupled with problem-oriented, niche, and innovative products to reach specific demographics, such as millenials, Generaration Z, baby boomers, and multi-cultural groups, the independent beauty brands experiencing growth of nearly 19% in 2014 are the acquisition candidates explored in Kline’s recently published report Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States. With the assessment of approximately 100 privately-owned beauty brands and the subsequent selection of top gems, the study goes beyond regular analysis and points to which are the most buyable ones.Continue reading

Competitive Structure of the U.S. OTC Market Evolving

What’s in Kline’s Beauty Bag this Fall?

An interview with our beauty experts about the latest and newest market research reports.

Q: Kline’s already working on the next edition of the Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report. What changes are being made to the actual report?

We find that our subscribers don’t have the time to read through a sea of pages to find the information they are looking for. Therefore, we are going to serve up the gems for each of the 25 product categories we cover and really focus on what’s important versus what’s nice to know. Showing key takeaways will be our mantra this year.

We are also working on providing our subscribers with a deliverable in January! This is super early for us, but we know how great the need is for information on 2015 as soon as the year closes.Continue reading

Coty Acquires Procter & Gamble's Beauty Brands

Changing Tides: Procter & Gamble Returns to its Roots, and the Rise of Coty’s Beauty Empire

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has been the leader in the U.S. beauty and personal care market since the very first edition of Kline’s Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report was published in 1963. That study, which was authored in part by Dr. Charles Kline himself, reported P&G among the leaders in the soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and shampoo categories—a position the company still retains some 50+ years later, now with a new CEO taking the helm.

Once the transaction to shift ownership of 43 brands to Coty, which was announced in July 2015, is complete, P&G will slip to the #2 spot, leaving L’Oréal in the #1 position. Meanwhile, Coty will jump to fifth place, up from ninth, edging Johnson & Johnson out of the top five.Continue reading