metalworking fluids market 2020

Key Drivers of the Russian Metalworking Fluids Market

Metalworking fluids is the second-largest category within the industrial lubricant segment in Russia. The segment has been stable without large variations over the years. However, due to the steady annual growth of automotive production in the country and increasing exports of steel and primary metals over the past few years, it is expected that demand for metalworking fluids will keep growing in line with growth in the manufacturing sector.Continue reading

Global Metalworking Fluids Market

Insights from the Global Metalworking Fluids Market

Recently, Kline experts, Milind Phadke and George Morvey revealed top line findings from one of our recently completed studies, Global Metalworking Fluids 2010: Market Analysis and Opportunities, in an insightful webinar. Here are some of the topics the webinar has touched upon.

The global market for metalworking fluids did not escape the effects of the economic recession.

Despite the contraction in 2008-2009, Asia emerged as the least negatively impacted. In fact, since 2007, Asia posted a positive annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.3% in demand for metalworking fluids. Within Asia, China, Japan, India, and Korea are the four largest markets accounting for 90% of regional demand. Europe and North America did not fare as well.Continue reading