Sorry We Are Closed - Hair Salon Industry Pandemic Crisis

How Salons Will Emerge from Being Labeled a “Non-Essential” Business 

We have entered the second month of nearly all U.S. salons being closed as a result of the country’s effort to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19’s spread by way of social distancing. And while there are talks of starting to open businesses back up, it remains to be seen if salons will be included in that first wave of openings. Initially, May 1 was the optimistic date for this to begin, but Georgia has announced allowing salons to open as early as this week so there is hope. 

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The U.K. Salon Hair Care Market

Top Five Dynamics to Watch in the U.K. Salon Hair Care Market

The United Kingdom is one of the most dynamic markets for salon hair care products in Europe, experiencing robust growth year over year. It is also a country to watch for new trends that eventually make their way into other European markets after some delay. Spotting the trends and other key performance indicators will now be much easier with the launch of Kline PRO into the U.K. market. Kline PRO is a revolutionary salon tracking tool that enables users to access the latest sales performance data on the professional hair care industry. The ability to view sales at the product level, based on actual salon transactions, provides meaningful insights to marketers and allows them to manage their business like never before. It is more important now than ever to have fact-based data to understand the salon hair care market. While 85% of product sales remain in the salons, that share may slip as the business continues to change.Continue reading

Kline PRO – A powerful tool for the salon industry based on transactional data

Creating a Data-savvy Salon Sales Force

How salon hair care brands can move more products and add salon shelves with the help of data.

The landscape for the salon hair care market has been rapidly changing, with many brands expanding their distribution through new channels, including retailers like Sephora and Ulta. Despite this, Salon Hair Care Global Series, our latest report on the salon hair care market, shows that hair care brands in the United States still prefer professional salon outlets for reaching their target consumer. Sales of professional hair care products through salons account for 74% of total sales.Continue reading