Beauty Trend Foresight: 2024 and Beyond

February 14, 2024

Watch our webinar on the future of beauty, exploring the pivotal role that social platforms play in the emergence and continuity of trends.

Deep dive into the Age-Agnostic Beauty trend to understand its journey from a conventional anti-aging concept to an inclusive movement shaped by a diverse spectrum of consumers, spanning from pre-teens to mature individuals.

Here's why this webinar is a must-watch:

  • Uncover the hottest beauty trends, and explore their implications for the future
  • Quantify the current and lasting influence of each trend using Kline’s proprietary Trend Predictor Impact (TPI) metric
  • Gain insights into how Kline’s Trend Predictor Tool can help you identify superstar innovations and predict their commercial impact


Max Kaye

Director, Predictive Analytics

Dana Kreutzer

Project Manager, Beauty and Wellbeing

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