Changing Market Landscape for Automotive Coolants

December 13, 2022

Changes in vehicle landscape are driving shifts in coolant additive systems. Automotive OEMs are increasingly moving toward better performing and longer-lasting coolants. Coolants also form an integral part of the thermal management systems in electric vehicles. With growing ICE and electric car parcs around the world, demand for coolants is expected to experience significant growth in future.

Watch our webinar, based on the Opportunities in Automotive Coolants: Global Market Analysis report, to learn more about:

  • Key trends in 10 markets around the world, ranging from nations with mature car parcs, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France, to countries with developing and fast-growing car parcs such as China, India, Brazil, and Mexico
  • Demand split for coolant by market segments such as factory-fill and service-fill
  • Leading coolant product technologies in use in select country markets around the world and changes taking place in coolant additive technology
  • Trends in coolants for electric vehicles


Pooja Sharma

Project Manager,

Sabrina Craciun

Senior Business Development Manager

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