Global Wax Industry’s Resilience Amid Macroeconomic Turbulence

October 31, 2023

The global wax industry saw a strong recovery from the COVID-19 crisis; however, it was accompanied with high volatility, both on the supply side and in key wax applications. The supply of waxes experienced changes as several wax-producing Group I base stock refineries closed down during the period from 2020 to mid-2023, while synthetic wax suppliers expanded their capacities. Additionally, this period also saw many wax market participants evaluating technologies and market potential for sustainable waxes driven by the announced net-zero carbon targets for their end users.

Watch the webinar to acquire valuable insights from our Global Wax Industry: Market Analysis and Opportunities report, helping you comprehend:

  • How wax supply has changed over the last 2-3 years, as well as the mid- to long-term view of wax supply and demand
  • Transition taking place in wax supply composition; which wax type is growing, and which is declining
  • Special focus on FT waxes, as well as vegetable oil-derived waxes


Pooja Sharma

Project Manager,

Sabrina Craciun

Senior Business Development Manager

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