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Chemicals for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning Applications Database
Released: October 2010
Base Year: 2009

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  • Description
  • Regional Coverage: China, Europe, United States
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    Chemicals for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning Applications 2010 Database is an interactive database containing demand estimates for chemicals used within household, industrial, and institutional cleaning (HI&I) applications in key regional markets of the world.

    • Europe
    • Household

    • Industrial

    • Institutional
    • United States
    • Household

    • Industrial

    • Institutional
    • China
    • Household

    Data is presented in several different views, including supplier, chemical type, and application, and helps answer key questions such as:

    • What are the sales of chemicals for HI&I applications by supplier and end-use in each region?
    • Which suppliers are active and which HI&I chemicals are they supplying?
    • What is the historical consumption of HI&I chemicals for each end-use application?
    • What are the average prices of various chemicals by application?
    • What is the forecast consumption of HI&I chemicals in 2014 by application, product type, and region?

    The database is updated annually, and subscribers will need to renew their subscriptions yearly.

  • Scope
  • Chemicals for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning Applications 2010 provides a detailed quantitative appraisal of the market including current and forecast demand by major product, pricing analysis, competitive landscape, and supplier share.

    HI&I chemicals covered in this program are grouped into the following categories. Please refer to Table 1 under Segments for a more detailed segmentation:

    • Antibacterial and odor-control technologies
    • Enzymes
    • Fragrances
    • Functional polymers and organic sequestrants
    • Rheology control agents
    • Specialty bleaches, bleach activators, and optical brighteners
    • Specialty silicones
    • Solvents
    • Surfactants

    The interactive functions of the database allow users to customize views according to region, chemical type, and supplier. Data includes:

    • Consumption of key HI&I chemicals by application and region
    • Supplier sales by chemical type, application, and region
    • Average market pricing of chemical by region
    • Forecast consumption within a five-year timeframe

    NOTE: Industrial and institutional data is only be available for the United States and Europe

    The base year for this program is 2009 and includes forecasts to the year 2014.

  • Key Benefits
  • This global program enables marketing and product managers and directors within chemical organizations serving the household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products industry to understand the evolution of the market in each significant region, product group, and application. As a result, subscribers are better positioned to exploit identified business opportunities at a day-to-day operational level and during the strategic planning process.

    This program provides subscribers with:

    • A reliable and independent assessment of the market for chemicals within household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products, enabling each subscriber to understand the context in which each regional business operates
    • Identification of key growth by product and application to enable development of targeted sales and marketing strategies to exploit high growth areas
    • Forecasting scenarios from which to base solid strategic business plans
  • Functionality
  • Chemicals for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning Applications 2010 Database is easy to use and is accessible online by anyone in your organization from any enterprise location where HI&I chemical demand data is needed. A subscription includes enterprise-wide access using a single account code and password. Data can also be exported to Excel format from the online interface.

    The database report features the FutureView forecasting tool, which allows users to easily change variables to run various 'what if' demand scenarios that will help shape business strategy development.

  • Segmentation
  • Table 1: Product Segmentation

    Product group



    Antibacterial and odor-control technology


    Formaldehyde formers Hydantoins

    Odor-control agents


    Zinc salts



    Functional polymers and organic sequestrants

    Functional polymers

    Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC)
    Others (e.g., HEC)

    Organic sequestrants

    Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)


    Others (e.g., SMA)

    Rheology control agents


    Others (e.g., MAS)

    Synthetic organics

    Carbomer ASE Others (e.g. HASE )



    Xanthan Others (e.g., guar)


    Specialty bleaches, bleach activators, and optical

    Specialty Bleaches


    Bleach activators


    Optical whiteners


    Specialty silicones

    Non-functionalized fluids


    Functionalized fluids





    Quaternaries Amine oxides


    Alkyl polyglucosides Alkanolamides
    Sorbitan esters


    Amphoteric acetates


    Phosphate esters
    Ether carboxylates

    Table 2: Household, Industrial, and Institutional Application Segmentation

    Laundry care

    Hard surface cleaners

    Dish care

    Deodorizers and disinfectants

    Floor care

    Product examples include:

    Bleaches and laundry boosters
    Laundry detergents
    Fabric softeners
    Prewash stain removers
    Water conditioners

    All-purpose cleaners
    Drain cleaners
    Glass cleaners
    Metal polishes
    Oven cleaners
    Toilet bowl cleaners

    Automatic dishwasher detergents
    Rinse aids
    Light-duty liquid detergents

    Air fresheners
    Carpet deodorizers

    Floor care products
    Polishes and dusting aids

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