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Digital Innovation

60+ Years of Industry Expertise

Underpinned by 63 years of industry expertise, Kline can be relied upon to help scope and deliver any analytics solution.

Rigorous Methodology
Digital Metrics, NLP and key indicators combine with advanced data science techniques to deliver robust data and figures that inform reports and trend predictions.
Key Indicators
Beauty & Personal Care Market Data​
Digital Metrics
Data Science Algorithms
Deep Market Insights
Our analysts will point the way forward by highlighting critical innovations and behaviors driving category growth.
Trend cycles are getting shorter, categories are falling in and out of favor and keeping up with shifting consumer opinion is harder than ever.​
Stay ahead with the new informed consumer and keep up-to-date with Kline​.

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Get Ahead with Kline

Get the full picture of the beauty and wellbeing market

Strategize using insight based on cutting-edge forecasting technology

Tailor launches and innovate existing products to meet demand.​

Identify your audience and keep up-to-date on their needs ​

See how a major beauty brand leveraged the power of Kline to grow their business.
Forecasting Solution


  • Consumer surveys to understand the reasons for trends​
  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Beauty Products​
  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Hot Topics​
  • Future Beauty Purchasing Intent


  • Social listening determining attitudes toward hot topics​
  • Ingredient Prevalence, Sentiment & Pricing​
  • Category Trends (e.g. Hair Protection, Curl Care etc)​
  • Product Prevalence, Sentiment & Pricing


  • Researched market data from Kline’s industry experts​
  • Kline Pro Salon Data​
  • Total Beauty Market Category Data​
  • Expert Industry Interviews


  • CLIENT datasets to size product portfolio opportunity​
  • Nielsen & IRI Product Level Sales, Kantar Panel, Mintel​
  • Marketing & Advertising Spend​
  • Expert Interviews (Category, Brand, CMI, Digital, Analytics)


  • Data on retailers, innovation & business upkeep​
  • Registered Haircare Businesses/Stores​
  • Patents & Trademark Applications​
  • Commercial Renting Price, Business Overheads


  • Makeup of society & their beauty purchasing patterns​
  • Gender, Age & Ethnicity​
  • Income Thresholds​
  • Tribe of society


  • Data on the health of the economy​
  • Gross Domestic Product​
  • Consumer Purchasing Power, Disposable Income​
  • Inflation, Commodity Prices, Oil Prices​


  • How consumer attitudes are reflecting on societal trends​
  • Shopper Footfall​
  • Consumer Confidence​
  • Social Recovery Indices
The Method

We detect even the weakest signals with Real-Time NLP Social Data. It allows us to capture small shifts in consumer sentiments and opinions via social listening that will result in future category changes. ​

Industry experts then further inform and validate the forecast prediction to ensure robust results. ​

New Methodology
Cutting edge technologies are leveraged in our econometric models to deliver accurate and up-to-date category forecasts. ​
Kline Upgrades

New & improved forecast


Our market reports and key indicator forecasts (Economy Drivers, Consumer Index etc) make up the foundation of our category and segment data to ensure accurate and robust forecasts .​


Predicting future demand​

Custom Benefits
New​ Components​​
Leverage the power of Kline for your business.