The Global Beauty Devices Market

10 Essential Tips for Success in the Beauty Devices Market

The past year has brought about a number of novel approaches and creative product launches to the world of beauty devices. In addition to new and improved anti-aging, microdermabrasion, and cleansing devices, marketers turned their attention to offering ancillary products including brush heads and skin care creams. They have also branched out to target new audiences with lower-priced options, as well as men with male-specific devices. All of these efforts resulted in market growth of nearly 18% worldwide, according to our recently published Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report.

It will be interesting to see if other marketers can crack the mass-market after the launch of La Lumière’s tech-savvy Illumask at an under $30.00 price point. In 2015, Michael Todd makes a splash in Ulta stores with a multi-faceted line of devices competitively priced at under $100.00. In line with the ongoing anti-aging trend and several successful anti-aging devices that launched in 2014, TRIA Beauty launches its Age Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser device in 2015. Another trend gaining steam across the globe is the introduction of several cleansing devices targeting men’s skin care concerns. Clarisonic hits the market with its Alfa Fit cleansing brush while Clinique launches Clinique For Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush.

New Beauty Devices Launches in 2015

New Beauty Devices Launches in 2015

As we enter covering this market for the fifth year, below are the key points for at-home beauty device marketers to keep in mind:

  1. Growth – Market growth is record-breaking, which globally increases by nearly 18% in 2014.
  2. Consumer – Increasing consumer awareness offers a sea of opportunity.
  3. Distribution – Direct sales are the cornerstone of the business, but savvy marketers develop an omni-channel plan.
  4. Anti-aging – Devices featuring anti-aging benefits are on the rise.
  5. Price points – High opportunities are in the lower price point segments around the globe.
  6. All-in-one – New devices offer a high aesthetic value with elegance, beauty, and functionality all wrapped in one.
  7. Local marketers – The focus is on local and regional marketers, particularly forceful in Asian markets.
  8. Technology – The innovation path has been sluggish.
  9. Buzz – Social media is a strong factor in the marketing strategy for most successful device brands.
  10. Future – Healthy future growth is seen with a more strategic approach to the marketing of these devices.

To learn more about the current state of the at-home beauty devices market, request our Global Beauty Devices Fact Sheet. We’re also pleased to announce the next edition of Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities–an insightful and detailed analysis of the global at-home beauty devices, focusing on its size and growth, key changes in distribution, the competitive landscape, and notable new launches and product NEW for this edition is an online, interactive database, fully customizable according to your needs, plus coverage of hair regrowth devices.

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