Personal Care Ingredients

2018 Research in Personal Care Ingredients

Kline’s research in Personal Care Ingredients is getting even more detailed with 2018 add-ons in ingredient groups such as color cosmetics and preservative boosters, split of Europe by key countries, redesign of surfactants and emulsifiers categories, and an analysis of natural ingredient trends. Below we highlight the key new developments designed specifically for the ingredient suppliers’ business needs.

Ingredient scope: addition of color cosmetic ingredients, focus on preservative boosters, and more

The new edition covers over 200 ingredients used in personal care formulations, which are divided into nine product categories: antimicrobials, conditioning polymers, emollients, emulsifiers, hair fixative polymers, rheology control agents, surfactants, UV absorbers, and the newly added color cosmetics ingredients category. The latter will include major make-up ingredients such as powders and pigments. The surfactants and emulsifiers category will include a more detailed assessment of non-ionic surfactants. Much sought-after preservative boosters will also be a key focus of this new edition.

Applications: the growing color cosmetics market now split out

Applications included in the scope include: skin care, hair care, sun care, oral care, antiperspirant/deodorant, color cosmetics, and others. Consumption of ingredients, such as rheology modifiers, and UV absorbers for color cosmetics will also be mapped.

New natural ingredients analysis

The new version of this research will feature a full analysis of the natural ingredients market. For each ingredient category, natural alternatives will be analyzed. Their pricing and major pros and cons vs. traditional ingredients will be reviewed. The analysis will provide a full understanding of the development of the natural ingredients market, their market potential and the threat they represent for their synthetic counterparts.

Geographical scope: further details for Europe
This research provides a global coverage with the full details on seven key regions: Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States, and Rest of World. The 2018 edition will also include a split of Europe by key countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The research will reflect specificities of each of these significant markets.

Database capabilities

The Personal Care Ingredients Database is a fully customizable tool that will provide volume and value sales by region, country, supplier, application, technology, formulation type, and a five-year forecast at the ingredient level. Additionally, subscribers will get an in-depth written report, analyzing the key market trends, including finished products trends impacting the ingredient market, e.g. consumer perception of parabens and silicones in their personal care products.

Personal Care Ingredients: Global Market Analysis will allow subscribers to get a clear understanding of some of the fastest-growing segments, ingredients for color cosmetics, and preservative boosters. Through the new assessment of natural ingredients, subscribers will be able to identify threats/opportunities in each of the major ingredient groups, benchmark their business against direct competitors, and develop solid pricing strategies to maintain market share and protect their businesses from new products introduced into the market.
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