2018 U.S. Crop Protection Programs

2018 U.S. Crop Protection Programs for Distributors, Retail and Growers

Kline is currently working on a new report providing an analysis of 2018 crop protection programs offered to distributors, retail and growers by the key research based and generic crop protection suppliers. The Effectiveness of U.S. Crop Protection Company Channel Incentives report will include a spreadsheet layout of program summaries, organized by supplier and type of program and the estimated percent payout potential by product.

The list of suppliers included in the report are generic companies ADAMA and Albaugh, mid-majors Arysta and UPI, and research-based BASF, Bayer, Corteva, FMC, Monsanto, Syngenta and Valent. They represent an estimated 85% to 90% – or about $9.3 billion – of the total crop protection business in the U.S.

Research-based manufacture companies use several types of program rewards or incentives to maintain or increase product sales. These include the traditional early order/stocking, prepay discounts; delivery allowances; inventory protection; brand loyalty; pair or match-up on multiple products; competitive allowances; goal achievement; corporate/national, financing, unpublished and others. A key feature of this report is that it will include likes, dislikes and suggestions on the relevance or value of the major programs as perceived by distributor management.

Rewards and incentives information in the report can be viewed by fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, PGR, nematicide and seed treatment products. Private-labeled products are excluded from the report; distributor lists or estimated net pricing is provided in a summary of incentives by product.

Our objective is to provide a summary of available crop protection programs, present analysis of potential incentive information by product, give feedback about how channel partners implement the programs, and offer an outlook for the programs’ future in the current economic environment.

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