A Beautiful Partnership: Enchanted Life and Kline & Company

A Beautiful Partnership: Enchanted Life and Kline & Company

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What is beauty? It is very subjective and often its definition varies from country to country and culture to culture. In an exciting new partnership, Kline & Company and Enchanted Life, recognizing that the world of beauty isn’t just black and white, have partnered together to maximize customer satisfaction. Enchanted Life’s one-stop website for beauty and lifestyle needs targets multicultural demographic groups in the United States. By joining forces with Kline, it will be able to tap into Kline’s long-respected personal care market research portfolio. Embarking upon its first partnership with an e-commerce beauty site, Kline will benefit from valuable insights into this highly promising market.

How will this work, you ask? Kline’s insights and market intelligence will allow Enchanted Life to learn more about who their customers are and which products and brands they are most interested in. Additionally, Enchanted Life will obtain in-depth knowledge on which areas might be insufficiently addressed or lacking from the market. In turn, Kline will gain a broader access to companies serving the multicultural demographic, therefore benefiting from a more immediate vantage point regarding market positioning and dynamics, consumer behavior, and emerging trends. This will, of course, help make Kline’s reports even more useful.

Enchanted Life provides a unique opportunity for the prestige personal care and beauty product brands that serve the needs of its multicultural clientele, while simultaneously gaining critical exposure on a national retail platform. The website features over 75 brands of prestige products for men, women, and children, with categories spanning skin care, cosmetics, bath and body, fragrance, nails, and styling tools.

“Enchanted Life is unique to the market, offering the multicultural community a resource to use as a destination for beauty needs and questions,” notes Phil Williams, CEO and founder of Enchanted Life. “We believe this site will provide an open forum on beauty, health, and wellness within the multicultural community, something that hasn’t been available previously. Moreover, we’re excited to both access Kline’s nuanced and actionable perspective and be part of a crucial and integral study concerning brands targeted to our clientele, as well as the consumer study.”

Carrie Mellage, Kline’s Vice President of Consumer Products, reiterates the synergy, adding, “By partnering with Enchanted Life, Kline will be in a stronger position to fill a gap within the market research space by providing comprehensive analysis concerning personal care products targeted specifically to ethnic, Hispanic, and Asian consumers. Through the window that Enchanted Life provides, Kline will gain a better understanding of the varied cultural norms and beauty needs and habits, which will be reported and compared by gender, age, and ethnicity in Kline’s upcoming reports.”

Related data for the multicultural consumers can be found in Kline’s Multicultural Beauty and Grooming Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities, a report focusing on Hispanics, Asians, African-Americans, and other people of color. In addition, Kline offers its Multicultural Consumer Insights: U.S. Beauty and Grooming Products, an analysis of trends in beauty and grooming products among the men and women who make up the one-third of the U.S. population that is non-Caucasian. For more information, please contact our team!

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