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Aging Gracefully with At-home Beauty Devices: An Eye-opener for Consumers and Marketers in 2013

Sales of at-home beauty devices continue to boom due to the increasing awareness and popularity of multi-functional devices among consumers, growing prominence of the direct sales distribution channel, expansion of prominent marketers in countries other than the United States, improved products, and an increasing number of alliances between beauty marketers and technology companies to introduce new devices. While the United States continues to gain sales, focus is shifting to the growing prominence of European and Asian markets. Last year, the Asian market enjoyed an impressive sales growth, driven by the current stellar growth of China. Part of this superior performance is because of the introduction of new products, the entry of Clarisonic during 2013, and an overall strong performance from brands like Silk’n, Galvanic Spa, Clarisonic, and TRIA. In the United States, the introduction of new and technologically advanced devices, increased awareness among consumers, and entry of major marketers, such as Mary Kay, Foreo AB, and Conair, result in rising sales. The direct channel spreads its wings, flying on marketers’ continuous expansion across online retailers, the thriving business of home shopping channels, and the presence of direct sales companies.

Across the pond, more and more consumers are incorporating at‐home beauty devices into their beauty regimen, viewing them as an alternative to cosmetic surgery and a viable alternative during uncertain economic times. Marketers are expanding their global presence by making their brands available in more European countries, such as the Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia. Furthermore, new products, such as Procter & Gamble’s Gillette Venus Naked, Philip’s VisaPure, and Home Skinovations’ Silk’n Reju, support the overall sales growth.

In 2013, hair removal was the leading skin care concern addressed by at‐home beauty devices. Improved and innovative new devices were introduced, such as Home Skinovations, TRIA Beauty, and Spectrum Brands. Cleansing and anti-aging are the second and third leading global skin care concerns, respectively.

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