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Agrochemicals/Specialty Pesticides: Top 5 Picks for 2021

While production and supply within the agrochemicals market were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of the industry, nonetheless, continues to be positive, driven by global population growth, the increasing need to cut crop losses and maximize yields, consumer trends toward sustainably produced food, and the role of agrochemicals in helping to mitigate climate change. However, that’s not to say all is rosy.

Through the extensive range of reports we created in 2021, we provided a steady stream of valuable insights and information from our experts. Here are five of our best resources: 

Sting Operation How the US controls Mosquito Vectors

1. Sting Operation: How the U.S. Controls Mosquito Vectors

While changing climate factors, increased mosquito surveillance, and larvicide treatments continue to drive growth, one of the relatively new weapons in the arsenal — drones — has the industry abuzz. Find out more about how this rapidly developing technology, and others, are being harnessed. Watch video

How is the Seed Treatment Market Adapting to Changes

2. How Is the Seed Treatment Market Adapting to Changes?

The seed treatments market is one of the most resilient and consistently growing markets within the global agrochemicals industry. Nevertheless, we have uncovered ways in which it has been challenged to change. Do you know what these factors are? Read more

Bayer Environmental Sciences Swayed by the Current M&A Buzz

3. Bayer Environmental Sciences Swayed by the Current M&A Buzz 

There are now many suitors vying for Bayer’s ESP business, which offers solutions that range from killing rodents to maintaining golf courses. Will Bayer’s divestment be a game-changer for the agrochemicals industry? Read more

What Are the New Strategies to Mitigate Weed Resistance to Herbicides

4. What Are the Latest Strategies to Mitigate Herbicide Weed Resistance?

A trio of technologies has emerged to counteract the herbicide resistance that wreaked havoc among crops and forced many farmers into bankruptcy. Find out what these technologies are. Read more

Biopesticides Are Going to Pot But Thats Good News for the Market

5. Biopesticides Are Going to Pot — But That’s Good News for the Market

We have witnessed how COVID-19 has already impacted the global HI&I industry, but what can we expect to see in the future? Read more

If you’re looking for the latest market insights and data, be on the lookout for our 2022 reports here. 

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