Five Energy Trends That Will Define 2023

Kline’s team of experts has identified the trends most likely to gain traction in the energy industry in 2023. Here’s a quick look, but be sure to request the full trends report so you’re well-prepared for the new year. 

1. Sustainability In Action: The Generation of Regeneration
Waste oils from used automotive and industrial applications are no longer an inconvenience to be dumped but a new source of thermal energy a valuable raw material to be processed for regeneration, re-refining, and re-use, restoring the base oil components of waste lubricants

2. On the Move: The Metamorphosis of Mobility
Innovation in personal mobility is driving metamorphosis in the automotive (electric vehicle) sector

3. Digitalization: Interpreting and Embedding   
Digitalization was presented as a “silver bullet” at the 2022 World Economic Forum — the panacea to help industries fulfill all 17 of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. But the challenge of translating the concept into action at all levels within organizations remains

4. Exploring Adjacencies: Immersion Cooling Fluids
Suppliers of coolants should seek opportunities beyond automotive in the applications linked to higher growth outside of the traditional markets, where their molecules could find new value opportunities. 

5. Sustainability: Measure and Manage
Sustainability continues to be a key driver of innovation across the lubricants and energy sectors, impelled by the international regulatory and legislative landscape to move to a net-zero economy by 2050.


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