At-home Beauty Devices Prestige Arena

At-home Beauty Devices Soar in the Prestige Arena

According to initial findings from Kline’s 2012 Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities, sales for the at-home beauty devices market in the United States are estimated to rise by about 17% this year to reach nearly $600 million in manufacturers’ sales. Sales are fueled by higher priced devices with prices tags of $150 and up. Venues enabling the showcasing of these home and portable skin care machines whilst concurrently educating consumers regarding their benefits are equally imperative for boosting sales.

Beauty devices such as NuFace, Clarisonic, and Tria continue to be sought after in exclusive retail spots such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom. In Bloomingdale’s upscale Soho New York store, Tria and Clarisonic are showcased in the Tech Niche boutique located on the perimeter of the beauty floor. In this boutique, consumers can have a demonstration from Tech Niche beauty advisors on how these products work and see results first hand. Almost equally important for retailing these products are home shopping networks where enthusiastic device developers tout and demonstrate the benefits of their products. Brands showcased on QVC’s High Tech beauty segments include LightStim, NuFace, PaloVia, and market leader Clarisonic.

While prestige device sales soar, the demand for these products does not appear to have influenced mass market consumers as much as initially expected. Preliminary growth estimates for devices such as Olay’s Pro-X and Neutrogena’s Wave and Microdermabrasion kit are lukewarm to date. Perhaps the benefit of the in-store education component appreciated by consumers is what is needed in retail stores such as CVS and Target? Or could it be that consumers who frequent the beauty aisles of these stores are satisfied with simpler skin care regimen and do not yet see the benefits of these devices?

As we continue to explore the dynamics of the beauty devices market in other countries, it will be interesting to see if the trend towards high-tech, high-priced devices sold through high-end retailers holds up in markets such as Japan and South Korea, and discover whether these sophisticated gadgets are becoming a blockbuster trend in Europe. These insights and more will be available in upcoming reports from the Asia and Europe regions.

For more information see Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities.

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