Fall’s Beauty Regimens

Back to School, Back to Fall’s Beauty Regimens

During the summer, beauty routines may have lightened up a bit as the skin, hair, and nails are caressed by the sun’s rays and glow naturally thanks to a range of freshly available summer season fruits and vegetables. With the beginning of back to school and office time, the desire to look as beautiful this fall as in the summer is about to reinstate daily beauty routines and maybe add a few new products to the mix.

Stay Natural

For those planning to stay naturally beautiful, a range of new natural personal products based on argan oil, açaí berry, pomegranate, and calendula have emerged. Additionally, natural cosmetics are now embracing broader beauty market trends. For example, Sante has addressed the lash extension craze with the introduction of Hypnotic Lashes, which is said to be a purely natural complex, made up of birch extract, birch sap, and black cohosh.

To find out more exciting facts about the natural personal care market, refer to Kline’s Natural Personal Care Global Series Report – a global assessment of the market for natural and organic beauty products. New in the 2014 edition: Back by popular demand, deep-dive coverage of Europe and the United States!

Learn the Alphabet

The alphabet is not only attributed to school, but also to the world of beauty. While natural beauty marketers have started introducing alphabet creams such as BB and CC—including Ole Henriksen, Andalou Naturals, and Bare Escentuals—the broader beauty market is adding on to the double letter count. Just when we thought we had BB, CC, and even DD creams mastered, EE is the latest double letter to hit the beauty market. The “extra exfoliation” cream by Previse Skincare is a botanical-based marine mousse which is added to a cleanser for more exfoliation. Is the trend going to last and use up the rest of alphabet? It may. However, the “DD – definition description” may become an issue as EE has already initiated the confusion with elemental emulsion or extra exfoliation?!


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Exfoliate with High-tech Help

While the EE products are gaining share of the exfoliation segment, some consumers opt for faster and more effective products. At-home skin care devices that help with cleansing and exfoliating are growing in popularity, with cleansing leading the way and accounting for nearly 30% of the global market in 2013. Based on Kline’s latest consumer research, most cleansing device users are satisfied or very satisfied with the various attributes of their device. The percentage of respondents using at-home skin care devices is highest in China and lowest in France. The United States falls only slightly above the average even though it is by far the largest market in terms of dollar sales.

Take a deep dive into this booming and high-tech market with Kline’s Beauty Devices: Global Market Brief. New in the 2014 edition: Coverage of the latest developments, including Clinque’s entry into the category. Deep-dive coverage of China, Japan, and South Korea.


Move to Spas and Doctors’ Offices

Among those consumers surveyed in our research in six countries, one-third seek help or treatment for their skin care concerns from professionals in spas, beauty institutes, and doctors’ offices. The professional market is supported by the increased number of consumers visiting resort spas, as well as by the expansion of wellness stores offering spa and skin care services. The medical care providers channel, which is small or non-existent in many markets, is surprisingly the leading outlet for professional skin care products in Indonesia and Thailand. Now is the time to re-visit your doctor for skin care advice and your favorite products.

For more information about products sold through spas, salons, beauty institutes, and physicians’ offices, refer to Kline’s Professional Skin Care Global Series: Market Analysis and Opportunities. New in the 2014 edition: Reporting on India, Mexico, and Japan, in addition to continuing coverage of the United States, Europe, and China.


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