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“Barberism” Stands Tall at TOP HAIR International

The 2017 edition of Germany’s most attended trade show of the hairdressing industry, TOP HAIR International in Dusseldorf, offered two days of excitement: starting from the abundant exhibition of new product launches to emerging trends in the world of hairdressing. Among the new trends happily enjoying increased popularity over the past two years is the movement in the professional skin care industry focused on revitalizing the culture of barbershops. I would like to call this movement “Barberism” as its growing popularity among today’s global consumers does not only oscillate around the increased purchase of male-specific grooming products, but also focuses on creating a new image of the contemporary man: sexy, confident with his masculinity, and well-groomed.

In recognizing the growing trend, this year’s edition of the TOP HAIR trade show presented its visitors a male-centric exhibitor area called the Barber’s Corner. The Barber’s Corner served as an exhibition area for manufacturers of male grooming professional hair care products, as well as an educational platform were industry professionals held various workshops with demonstrations of the latest trends in the male grooming field. Most male grooming brands present at the show were fairly new to the industry and some, such as Point Barber of Farmagan and Esquire Ultimate Grooming Collection of Farouk Systems, were even making their local debut launch right there at the event.

Officially launched in March 2017, Point Barber is a brand new male grooming brand of Farmagan, the Italian salon hair care company. The brand offers a broad range of male grooming products ranging from hair gels and pomades to hair and beard oils and shampoos. Esquire Ultimate Grooming Collection, which is an American brand of the salon hair care manufacturer Farouk Systems, was already launched in the United States in 2016. However, the brand’s launch on German soil took place during the trade show. The brand’s portfolio includes male grooming products for men’s hair and beards, as well as shaving tools, such as natural shaving brushes and electric hair trimmers.

Other brands with stands in the Barber’s Corner included Beard Pride, Pomade Shop, 1o1 Barbers, and Top Shelf 4 Men. Creative packaging and unique philosophies are often emblematic for each brand. While subtle scents of mint, sandalwood, black pepper, or musk are

common, barbershops must also decide what else is important when it comes to selecting brands. We will reveal soon in our imminent Barbershops: Global Market Brief, which yields data and insights on the existing number of barbershops, their main characteristics, and the services they offer, based on structured interviews with barbers across Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Apart from a strong focus on male grooming, TOP HAIR International presented other market novelties for 2017. L’Oréal’s Matrix presented its latest line of Biolage R.A.W. salon hair care products comprising of four lines: Nourish, Recover, Uplift, and Replenish. Each product line, except for Replenish, consists of a shampoo, hair conditioner, and hair mask, and is infused with a blend of different natural ingredients, such as kaolin clay, yucca, goji berry, kiwi, honey, quinoa husk, black sesame, and grapefruit, among others.

The launch of Biolage R.A.W. echoes another trend observed by Kline in the salon hairdressing industry both in 2016 and in 2017, which is a focus on scalp and hair care. As more consumers seem to express concerns with sensitive scalps, as well as weak and aging hair, marketers continue to focus on launching products to answer these needs. Another notable example includes the latest launch from Italian brand Davines, which exhibited its latest range of four products under the Renewing line (from the NATURALTECH range). This new range of products designed for all hair types is infused with the company’s patented Longevity complex, which helps to fight signs of aging scalp and hair.

Hair and scalp aging is drawing more attention from today’s consumer who increasingly try to fight this issue by using topical products, as well as food supplements. In 2015, the global scalp care segment in the salon hair care industry was valued at over EUR 400 million and exhibited healthy double-digit growth. How has it changed in the past year? Find out from our forthcoming Salon Hair Care Global Series, which provides an in-depth view on the performance of treatments, scalp care, and bond multipliers, among many other segments. This report investigates more than 20 dynamic markets to reveal their size and growth, key changes, challenges, and business opportunities.

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