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BB creams getting more face time in the United States

With a roster of promised skin benefits, BB creams are selling like hotcakes!

BB creams, also known as beauty balms, blemish balms, or beauty benefit creams, have enjoyed immense popularity in Asia and migrated to the United States during 2011. Essentially, these are hybrid multi-tasking products that combine facial treatment and cosmetic benefits. They typically go beyond a tinted moisturizer and can offer sun protection and improve the look of the skin by reducing redness and irritation to help give the skin a flawless appearance. Depending upon the brand, facial treatment benefits vary and they usually come in just a few shades that can adjust to most skin tones. Some people use these to replace a conventional moisturizer, while others utilize these products as a makeup base.

BB creams are captured in the facial treatments section of Cosmetics & Toiletries USA 2011. While the whole facial treatments category experienced growth of over 4% during 2011, BB creams grew faster than the market as a whole, from a practically non-existent base the prior year. BB creams can be found in a variety of trade classes and from a number of brands, including Clinique, Boscia, Dior, and Garnier.

Expect to see more of these products during 2012.

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