Beautiful in Just Minutes – Achieved with Technology and At Home

Beautiful in Just Minutes – Achieved with Technology and At Home

It was not long ago that our at-home skin and body grooming rituals involved nothing more complicated than just a few jars of creams and lotions in which we indulged our tired complexion. But even these not-so-complicated jars nowadays are already brimming with innovation. Science and technology-based innovation is becoming increasingly evident in all skin care products. Sophisticated delivery systems put active ingredients exactly where they are most effective. But more recently we have a new way of achieving visible and compelling results, with the help of a clever gamut of technologies that includes LEDs, microcurrents, and even lasers.

These exciting developments were among topics that included front-end innovation, new product development, and high-growth markets, discussed at INNOCOS NEW YORK, where we also were invited to speak on these “block-buster” beauty devices.

Consumers, both women and men, are eager to try new ways to address their skin care concerns. Their interest in new and alternative products has typically seen them pay a lofty price at salons and doctors’ offices for procedures such as laser hair removal, anti-aging treatments, acne treatment, and microdermabrasion. However, beauty devices now offer a new dimension and possibilities for at-home whole body regimens.

The technology now available for at-home use is highly diverse. Many of the leading cleansing devices, including best seller Clarisonic, utilize brushes oscillating at sonic frequencies. Some handheld devices employ LEDs operating at specific wavelengths to treat complexion concerns, such as LightStim, the fifth top seller in the United States, which uses a combination of red and blue LEDs to control acne. Another high-tech acne treatment alternative consists of the miniaturized adaptation of LHE (Light & Heat Energy) technology, where light reaches deep into the pore, starting a healing process that stops acne at its source while heat gently opens the pore and soothes the inflammation. The use of Micro Current technology allows the stimulation and sculpting of muscles underneath the skin, or deep micro-vibration combined with active gels which can be seen in the German SQOOM device are addressing anti aging concerns. Thermodynamic wire is being used by many hair removal products (for example, No! No! and Silk’n) to painlessly heat and kill hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair reduction. Similarly, Wellbox promises a beautiful body in just minutes every day with the LPG’s CELLU M6 Integral technology.

What’s next? We anticipate the beauty devices market topping $3 billion globally within the next few years. Beauty left to its own devices looks promising.

For more information see Kline’s Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities.

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