Going Digital: Who’s Who in the World of Beauty Apps

Beauty Apps 101: Customer Engagement and Retention Tool

This week, we have asked our beauty experts to reveal some interesting tidbits from Going Digital: Who’s Who in the World of Beauty Apps, a recently published report that focuses on beauty apps and developers transforming the digital landscape of the beauty industry in 2015.

Q: What can we expect to learn from this report?

A: First of all, this report is a great beginner’s tool to navigate the world of beauty apps, with general information on the mobile app industry and usage.

This directory-style report focuses on analyzing the beauty apps available on the market in 2015. Key points of discussion include conclusions about the type of apps that are in abundance in the industry, where there are gaps, who the key developers are, and what types of beauty apps most engage consumers.

Included in the report are profiles of 23 heavily downloaded apps, with attention to the attributes that make the app unique and appealing to consumers.

Q: Going Digital: Who’s Who in the World of Beauty Apps analyzes 65 different beauty apps. How did you decide which apps to profile, and what makes an app successful?

A: The 65 apps analyzed in this report are chosen because beauty is the driving force behind the app. Of the beauty apps examined, the report provides profiles of 23 apps, which were chosen to be profiled because they have compatibility on both the IOS app store and Google Play, have at least 50 U.S. ratings on the IOS app store, at least a 3.0 rating on a scale of 1-5, and/or have at least 50,000 downloads on Google Play globally.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a beauty app. Most of the apps profiled in this report do well on the reviews and ratings they receive from consumers. More importantly, the profiled apps are unique, engaging, and fun, which entices consumers to open and use them often. The apps are also easy to use, a great complement to a consumer’s beauty shopping research, and may eventually even become a consumer’s main platform for purchasing.

Q: Can you explain the role that beauty apps play in the marketing of beauty products?

A: As customer engagement continues to be essential in today’s competitive market, beauty apps are a great platform to create a two-way dialogue between consumers and brands. Beauty apps allow consumers to quickly obtain information on a brand, offer an easy and efficient way to shop, generate interest in the overall beauty market and individual beauty brands, as well as bring passionate consumers together.

Q: It seems like they can also be a test kitchen for a brand or retailer to pick up on trends in apps that are more community-oriented. Would you agree?

A: Yes! That is a great point. There are many forum-positioned beauty apps on the market that encourage dialogue between consumers and encourage reviews of products. While not prevalent in the industry right now, community-oriented apps can certainly become a platform for marketers to get opinions on new products and can even provide inspiration on gaps in the market to help with new idea launches.

Q: Are these beauty apps U.S.-centric?

A: While the beauty apps that are profiled were chosen because they have over 50 U.S. ratings, these apps can be downloaded anywhere in the world.

Q: What is the number one takeaway that comes out of this report?

A: There is a huge opportunity to create a deeper relationship with consumers by investing in beauty apps.

To learn more about the newly published Going Digital: Who’s Who in the World of Beauty Apps, please contact our team.

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