NuBody Skin Toning Device by NuFace

Beauty Devices: What’s Powering Growth?

Our recently published report on the beauty devices market showed optimistic growth in the United States in 2017, which was in contrast to the 3% decline the prior year. Globally, we expect that the beauty devices market will grow stronger in 2017 than in 2016, based on preliminary findings of our Europe and Asia research. Kline’s beauty device experts Kelly Alexandre and Karen Doskow weigh in on the market moving forward.

What would you say was the most memorable product introduction in 2017 and why?

Karen- To me, it was e.l.f.’s silicone cleansing devices at $10.00. Why? The price point is low, so it opens up the market to a wide breadth of new consumers—millennials and generation Z. It also marks something that we are seeing across many segments of the market: more introductions of lower priced products. This will be a big opportunity moving forward.

Kelly-  The acne category grew by nearly 50% last year, which is the largest growth we’ve seen for the category since we started tracking the market in 2012. Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena was able to reap about 30% of acne device sales in 2017. In addition to Neutrogena’s affordable $34.99 Light Therapy Acne Mask, the brand also launches an under $20.00 Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, so that consumers can spot treat their blemishes.

Would you say opportunities lie in devices that target acne?

Kelly- Yes, for sure, but also in other segments as well, such as anti-aging. That segment is very hot in Asia, where many of the technologies originate from.

Do you feel that the United States is still the market to watch for beauty devices?

Karen- Yes and no. In some ways, consumers are more open to devices in the United States because they have been here the longest. However, consumers in Asia are eager to try all types of new products to improve their skin so the growth is strongest there. In fact, the Asian market overtook the United States as the largest market for devices in 2016.

What’s impressed you so far this year?

Kelly- Arguably, one of the most exciting new launches at the end of 2017 is the NuBody Skin Toning Device. This device launched by NuFace, the leader of the U.S. anti-aging market, is the brand’s first venture into the cellulite reduction and body firming/toning category. We expect this product to spur similar products in the market and expect 2018 growth of that category to be significant because of that introduction.

Karen- Acquisitions continue to shake up the industry, and it is exciting that two major players in the U.S. market, TRIA Beauty and Iluminage Beauty, were acquired by Channel Investments in 2017. This will undoubtedly improve the profitability of these brands, which have been struggling in the current retail environment. A fresh perspective on brand offerings and a new e-commerce strategy is expected to revive these brands.

Our soon-to-be-published Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities will shed light on the latest dynamics and innovations in the industry. Furthermore, as personalization continues to be one of the most talked-about trends in the beauty and personal care industry, this year’s edition will explore what opportunities there are to integrate personalization into the beauty devices market, based off of consumer research – Beauty Devices: Global Consumer Insights, published in April 2017.

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