Beauty Forum Munich

Beauty Forum Munich Unveils Key Trends in Professional Skin Care Germany

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending one of the biggest European trade shows for professional beauty in Germany – Beauty Forum Munich. We observed three major trends that contribute to the development of the professional skin care market in Germany.

  1. Efficacy as a Core Value

In Germany – more than in any other European country – consumers prefer to pair professional skin care products with medical devices for best results and efficacy. Local brand such as Reviderm and Babor respond to these needs by introducing products that work accordingly. At the show, we saw Babor’s new launch, the Dr. Babor Pro range, which is designed for professional use only. This new line consists of highly concentrated ingredients that can be customized to a client’s needs. Moreover, the Dr. Babor Pro line can be used in conjunction with the brand’s devices in order to improve the efficacy of treatment.

  1. Natural Products Trend Big

As natural is a huge topic in Germany, professional skin care marketers are developing product lines that are 100% certified organic and include all-natural ingredients. Among the local brands in this segment, we spotted Dr. Belter. The brand shines bright particularly in the beauty institutes and salons channel. Pharmos Natur is another local brand that experiences healthy growth. It is 100% organic and stands out from other players in the market due to the use of organic aloe vera in most of its products.

  1. Millennials Take the Spotlight

Marketers are increasingly addressing the needs of millennials by introducing products that fight the first signs of aging caused by urban pollutants. While local brands dominate the market, foreign players such as Comfort Zone and Germaine de Capuccini are also making inroads in this fast-moving space. Germaine de Capuccini presented its newly launched Repair Night Progress Booster, which targets millennials who wish to prevent the early signs of aging. Other new product lines targeting millennials include Natur Pur by Charlotte Menzen and Wine Therapy by Afrodita.

With the holiday season approaching, many marketers are emphasizing this theme with Advent calendar sets and special winter collections. We pick up on all these trends in our Professional Skin Care Germany report, which examines product sales, key developments in each channel, and the competitive landscape. Moreover, our 2019 annual Professional Skin Care Global Series report with coverage on key markets such as China, Europe, India, and the United States will be published soon.

Written by Marina Drobnjak, Senior Analyst and Marcela Chifu, Marketing Manager

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