Booming Indies Feed Growth in Multiple Beauty Categories

Booming Indies Feed Growth in Multiple Beauty Categories

Nature-inspired products, social influencers, technology, indie brands, millennials and the rise of Gen Z are key trends shaping the U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market. Recording solid growth of 4% in 2017, the ever-evolving beauty market is poised for another year of success.

As we begin our research for the 44th edition of our legendary Cosmetics & Toiletries USA 2018 report, encompassing five product classes and 19 product categories, we take note of important developments and highlights. The report is expected to once again wow our readers with fascinating content and a database, allowing market players to understand what changes have taken place in the beauty and personal care market in the past year, what these changes mean for the marketers, if there are there any shifts in consumer preferences, and how marketers are responding to them.

Two hot topics that created a lot of buzz in the beauty industry so far are independent beauty brands and lash enhancement products. Both of these markets are experiencing growth exceeding the U.S. beauty industry’s increase by far.

Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands study revealed in 2016 that the indie beauty space was booming, with growth exceeding 30% based on 100 independent brands that were analyzed. As we begin our research for our 2018 report, Beauty’s 100 Favorite Brands, we are finding that the indie players are keeping the momentum and continuing to disrupt the beauty industry through rapid distribution expansion, innovative brand concepts and products, and unique ingredient positioning. Noteworthy brands such as Huda Beauty, Glossier, and Farsali are recording extraordinary growth, and newbies are popping up in the market every month. Recently launched brands Sauce Beauty, Eighth Day, and Summer Fridays are already accessible to consumers through key retailers like Sally Beauty, Neiman Marcus, and Sephora, respectively, and subscription service Scentbird is rolling out a Makeup Pilot program to give niche-focused brands a platform to connect more genuinely with consumers.

These indie stars are winning across all beauty categories as discovered by our soon-to-be-published Lash Enhancer Products and Services: U.S. Market Brief report. In the lash market, another indie firm JB Cosmetics, marketer of the brand LashFood, is proving to be a hot brand in the online world with its highest-scored item ranking among the top 15 products in the lash enhancers segment as revealed by our digital tracking tool, Amalgam. Additionally, the space has seen new indie entrants in the last year with lash enhancing products that tout clean or organic ingredients, including Public Beauty, a lash and brow focused brand that launched in recent months, and Luna Nectar, a Canadian-based wellness company established in 2017.

Whether it’s beauty indies, lash enhancements, digital space, or the entire U.S. beauty industry that you’re looking to gain competitive intelligence about, we’ve got you covered with trustworthy data and insights that will help you pick up on hot trends, market shifts, and growth opportunities. To get a sample of a report or simply learn more, please contact our team.

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