New Treatments in the Global Nematicide Industry

New Biological Treatments are gaining market share in the Global Nematicide Industry.

Nematodes are classified into its own phylum which encompasses thousands of differing species. Microscopic in size, the majority of these soil-dwelling wormlike species are parasitic to plants and one of the main causes for crop damages. As a result, nematicides are a niche but relevant part of the crop protection industry. The 2016 crop year alone saw global sales of nematicide products reaching almost a billion dollars, according to the Global Nematicides report from Kline. Profiling 13 key countries, this report offers in-depth analysis into the main parasitic nematodes, the crops affected, and the products used for the control of these species.Continue reading

Insect Control Market

More Grain Storage Facilities Lead to a Stable 2% Growth for the Insect Control Market

The storage of grains amassed a volume of 1.4 billion tons at peak periods across 10 key countries profiled in Kline’s Stored Grain Insect Control: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities study. The report, covering five major grain crops—corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, and barley—and factoring in minor grain crops, values the insecticide market for storage facilities across all analyzed countries to be $165 million in 2017.

“After a five-year high, global stocks for grains are expected to start slowing down in the next production season, lowering pressure of oversupply,” comments Aneesa Moolla, the project’s lead. “Immense stocks increased the demand for more storage facilities, leading to a solid growth for the storage insecticides market.”Continue reading

Crop Protection Manufacturers Report Preview

Crop Protection Manufacturers Report Preview

Here’s an early look at our estimated sales in our 2017 Crop Protection Manufacturers Report, which includes sales volumes for the top 20 manufacturers, plus an estimated sales summary for the remaining companies. Total crop protections sales volume is estimated at $10.65 billion in 2017, an increase of 5.1% increase over 2016. Generic company volumes are estimated at $2.4 billion or about 23% of the total.Continue reading

Turf and Ornamentals Country Previews

Turf and Ornamentals Country Previews: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom

Learn more about the turf and ornamentals market in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


In France, in 2016-2017, the overall market for turf and ornamental pesticides is estimated at USD 10 million. Horticultural nurseries and greenhouses remain by far the largest segment and account for 60% of the total market, or about USD 6 million in sales value. Herbicides is the most used category of pesticides in the segment with sales of about USD 5.0 million. Golf courses represent the second-largest segment, generating slightly above USD 2 million, or nearly one-fourth of the total market for pesticides in France in 2016-2017. Fungicides and herbicides account for the bulk of sales in the segment, while insecticides are more restrictively used. The lawn care segment is the last of the three considered, generating slightly above USD 1 million, divided almost equally by herbicides and fungicides.Continue reading

Biopesticides Bite Off the Conventional Pesticides Market Share, Growing by 24%

Biopesticides Bite Off the Conventional Pesticides Market Share, Growing by 24%

A growing awareness of biopesticides’ favorable features, including safety and efficiency, as well as stringent legislative requirements, are driving the biopesticides market. The biopesticides market grew 24% from 2014 to 2016 globally to over $1.8 billion, finds the recently published report Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural and Microbial Pesticides by international market research and management consulting firm Kline. The market is expected to continue growing at double-digit rates over the next decade, driven by robust growth in countries like Brazil, China, and France.Continue reading

U.S. Pesticide Adjuvants Market

The Complete Analysis of a Billion Dollar U.S. Pesticide Adjuvants Market Has Been Published by Kline

The market for additives added to pesticides and tank-mix products is estimated at about $1 billion based on additive manufacturers’ sales, and the market for tank-mix additives is nearly $700 million based on distributors’ sales, finds the recently published Pesticide Adjuvants Market: U.S. Analysis and Opportunities report, which covers both the in-can and tank-mix market for uses of additives in the United States in 2017. Pesticide additives contribute to the performance of pesticide active ingredients, reducing pesticide use rates and their environmental impact. Sales of these additives are forecast to increase at mid-single-digit rates over the next decade.Continue reading

Global Industrial Vegetation Management

Infrastructure and societal pressures drive growth within the IVM market

Sales of pesticides to the segments of the industrial vegetation management (IVM) market covered in this study are estimated at over $490 million at the manufacturers’ level in 2017. This represents an average annual increase of 0.7% from sales in 2013. Herbicides, including aquatic herbicides, constitute the largest product category in 2017, accounting for over 95% of the total sales.

Rangeland and pastureland is the largest segment covered in this study, with estimated pesticide purchases valued at over $200 million at the manufacturers’ level in 2017, representing over 40% of total sales to the IVM segment. Roadways ranks second with over 15% of the total.

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Global Seed Treatment: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Shifting Sands are Seen in Seed Treatment While the Market Grows Modestly

Written by Mancer Cyr

Dennis Fugate, Industry Manager of Kline & Company’s Specialty Pesticides Group, is pleased to announce the publication of Global Seed Treatment: Market Analysis and Opportunities, Kline’s study of the 2016 global seed treatment market. Covering 12 countries in four regions, the company believes its report accounts for over 95% of the global market.

Fugate reports that seed treatment sales are estimated at $3.7 billion at the farm gate level, an increase of 9% on a “same country/same currency” from Kline’s prior edition covering the market in 2013. “While this represents a modest CAGR of 2.8%, there has been a great deal of shifting beneath the top line,” Fugate added, “mainly due to insecticide cancellations in Europe, growth in North America, and a strengthened U.S. dollar.” Continue reading