Biopesticides Are a Strong Growth Opportunity in the Agrochemicals Industry

Biopesticides Are a Strong Growth Opportunity in the Agrochemicals Industry

Double-digit growth of biopesticides around the world is driving new product development, according to our latest research.

“Some of the key trends causing uptake of these products are the Green Deal in Europe; changes in consumers’ diets; interest in sustainability, investments, and mergers by leading companies; and regulatory issues with traditional pesticides,” says Laura Mahecha, Director of our Agrochemicals sector.

Trends in the Industry

Biopesticides can include any of the following:

  • Pheromones
  • Biochemical ingredients such as spinosad and abamectin
  • Minerals such as copper and sulfur
  • Botanical extracts such as neem and pyrethrins
  • Microbes such as bacillus sp, Trichoderma, Beauveria, and other beneficial bacteria, fungi, viruses, and yeasts

In October 2022, Kline published a detailed global pesticides report and database with more than 200 active ingredients in 15 countries — Argentina, Brazil, China, Chile, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States  – but that number will soon grow.

“Our study was well-received in the marketplace, and several clients have asked that we expand the geographic coverage on this topic,” says Mahecha, noting that plans are underway to begin research on Peru and Colombia in South America and Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Turkey in Europe. The reports and database are set to be published by the end of the year.

In addition to the syndicated reports, our insight on biopesticides will be spotlighted when Aneesa Moolla, Project Manager at Kline and an expert in the field, speaks at the ACI’s Biopesticides Europe. The conference, which will gather key industry stakeholders, researchers, and representatives from regulatory bodies to discuss current challenges and future opportunities and provide updates on market growth, advances in technology, and R&D projects within the industry, is set for June 6 and 7.

Other Kline offerings that cover the biocontrol field include the newly published Biostimulants and Biofertilizers: Global Overview of the Market and Use. The report provides a window into the growing market segment of the crop protection sector, with a focus on technology, products, crop targets, sales segmented by crop types, and much more. Most importantly, the reports feature an outlook with forecast for each market segment; countries covered are Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Spain.

For more information on Kline’s biocontrol studies, visit our website,, or contact us, To learn more about the ACI conference or to register, click here.

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