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A Brief Look at Surfactants in Personal Care During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the global economic outlook is also uncertainOne thing that is certain is that even under lockdown, people will continue to use essential personal care products. For thareason, these types of products will be less affected.  

There will also be sharp levels of growth in some essential product categories, such as hand sanitizers and liquid soaps, as they are now needed more than ever. However, there are many products that are not as buoyant. Ingredient groups, such as ultraviolet absorbers, pigments, and hair fixative polymers, which are used in sun care products, makeup products, and hair styling products, respectively, could be the hardest hit. 

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conditioning polymers

Conditioning Polymers Are at Risk as Some Personal Care Products Take a Hit 

As COVID-19 continues to have a negative impact on the personal care industryconditioning polymers are expected to be among the least-resilient ingredients in the category. 

Losses within the personal care industry are expected to vary from one product category to another. For example, demand for soaps, hand and body lotions, and hand sanitizers is expected to grow during the pandemic as the importance of hygiene increases. Similarly, demand for oral care products is not expected to be impacted, as people will continue to use them regularly. On the other hand, demand for hair styling products is expected to decline. 

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emollients most resilient ingredient group

Emollients are Among the Least COVID-19-Impacted Ingredient Groups in Personal Care  

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, it continues to impact global markets, including personal care. While many personal care products are essential, others are not, including products for which consumers will make alternate choices. Consequentlythe pandemic is expected to adversely impact the demand for personal care ingredients. However, the impact is expected to vary from one product category to another.

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biotechnology products

Bright Future – Key Factors Driving the Biotechnology Products in Personal Care  

Biotechnology is one of the fastest-growing categories of cosmetics products in the world.  

In the personal care actives industry, the term “biotechnology products” indicates all products manufactured through bioprocesses, which primarily includes products produced with extracts from micro-organisms. Cosmetics companies are gradually adopting these technologies, as they offer better results on topical application and meet consumer demand for high-efficacy and natural products.  Moreover, growing consumer awareness about sustainable sourcing favors the growth of biotechnology actives, which are derived from natural sources. 

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PCI Antimicrobials changing trends

How COVID-19 is Changing Trends Within Antimicrobials in Personal Care

As COVID-19 continues to have a negative impact across the world, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted the global economy to shrink by nearly 5% in June 20201.9% lower than the decline of 3.0% predicted in April 2020. One of the many industries damaged by the pandemic: personal care. While many personal care products are essential, others are not, along with products for which consumers will make alternate choices. In addition, demand for personal care ingredients will also be impacted, as ingredient demand will closely follow product consumption trends. 

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Upcoming Webinar: Specialty Actives in Personal Care Market – Key Insights

Biofunctional active ingredients continue to be among the fastest-growing segments in the personal care industry and are therefore a very dynamic market. While Europe and the United States remain key markets, other geographies represent major potential growth areas, but each regional market has its own set of drivers and restraints. This webinar will dive into some key findings from the recently published study Specialty Actives in Personal Care: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities.

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Ingredients: 2017/2018 highlights

Ingredients: 2017/2018 highlights

This interview was originally published in Expression Cosmétique Guide des Ingrédients Cosmétiques 2018, p.28-30,

The cosmetics industry and its upstream players are moving on with their transformation. Nikola Matic, Head of the Chemicals & Materials Department for Kline & Company, shares with us the main changes in the industry and the future trends.

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Personal Care Ingredients

2018 Research in Personal Care Ingredients

Kline’s research in Personal Care Ingredients is getting even more detailed with 2018 add-ons in ingredient groups such as color cosmetics and preservative boosters, split of Europe by key countries, redesign of surfactants and emulsifiers categories, and an analysis of natural ingredient trends. Below we highlight the key new developments designed specifically for the ingredient suppliers’ business needs.Continue reading

cosmetics global 2018

The green trend, skin microbiota, and protection define innovation in cosmetic ingredients at in-cosmetics global 2018

While a lot of events are being held around the world for cosmetic ingredients suppliers, it is in-cosmetics global that everybody is looking at as an industry compass. This trade show is a popular place for suppliers to introduce their newest products and technologies, and based on the industry’s reaction and interest, we can define where the market will be headed in the next year.

Looking into the list of award winners, the industry is still to be driven by green, skin protection, and skin microbiome-related ingredients. Most of these areas are not new; for example, the green mega trend has been driving the industry for over two decades, but is still a focal point for ingredients development in 2018.Continue reading

Suppliers of natural ingredients are the most attractive acquisition targets

Dynamic Personal Care Actives Market Draws Heightened M&A Activity, Particularly in the Naturals Space

Globally, the personal care active ingredients market is one of the most innovation-driven ingredients marketplaces after pharmaceuticals. The ever-increasing quest for natural products with high efficacy and visible results by consumers drives the industry towards a dynamic environment of research and technological competence. This dynamic marketplace, offering viable growth opportunities, is drawing investments within the personal care active ingredients market.Continue reading