Different Preferences for Personal Care Products Among Asian Americans

Different Preferences for Personal Care Products Among Asian Americans

As the Asian American community passes the average American population in spending power and becomes the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States it has gained the attention of the media and businesses as an attractive market segment.

The Asian community grew 43.3% from 2000 to 2010, to 14.7 million. This rate of growth is higher than Hispanics and all other groups.

Six communities make up nearly 86% of the total Asian population in the United States:

  • Chinese (except Taiwanese)
  • Filipino
  • Indian
  • Vietnamese
  • Korean
  • Japanese

Each of these nationalities has different standards of beauty and concomitant preferences for personal care products. For example, a rise is seen in the use of skin whitening products for Filipinos. Furthermore, Filipinos are very brand-conscious and prefer Western brands as a status symbol.

Kline conducted consumer research on personal care product usage of Asians in the United States. Kline found, for example, that more than half of all Asians use hair conditioner every time they shampoo, with another 21% using it sometimes. Of those that use hair conditioner, Pantene is the most used hair conditioner by Asians, with 28% of them using that brand. The next most popular brand is Dove (13%).

More information can be sourced from Kline’s FlashPoint report Asians in the United States – Influences on Consumers Products Consumption, Outlook to 2020

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