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Lower Production, Oil Prices To Drag Down Exxon’s Q4 Earnings

Exxon Mobil is scheduled to announce its 2014 fourth quarter earnings on February 2. We expect lower crude oil prices to weigh significantly on the company’s upstream earnings growth. Benchmark crude oil prices have declined sharply over the past few months on rising supplies and falling demand growth estimates. The average Brent crude oil spot price declined by more than 30% year-on-year during the fourth quarter. However, we expect better upstream volume-mix due to higher growth in liquids (crude oil, natural gas liquids, bitumen, and synthetic oil) production, primarily driven by the ramp up of the Kearl project in Canada and the development of unconventional plays in the U.S., coupled with thicker downstream margins to partially offset the impact of lower oil prices on Exxon’s overall performance. Read More…

Originally posted on Forbes

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Energy savings with advanced lubricant for heavy industry

US-based lubricant specialist Lubrication Engineers is helping heavy industries to register significant savings, owing to the improved energy efficiency and product longevity provided by the company’s advanced series of Pyroshield lubricants.

Lubrication Engineers’ range of products, manufactured in Wichita, Kansas, in the US, is distributed in South Africa by Diepsloot-based lubricants company Lubrication Engineers South Africa (SA). Read More…

Originally posted on Engineering News, Written by Dylan Slater

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January Auto Sales Thaw Out And Rise, Forecasters Say

January is usually a slow month for U.S. auto sales, partly because of the weather and partly because of year-end discounts in December.

December deals “pull ahead” some sales that would otherwise take place in the next couple of months. Besides, a lot of the automakers blow their budget on discounts in December, leaving less money for deals in January. Read More…

Originally posted on Forbes, Written by Jim Hardy

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Shell China: Hyundai recommends Shell as preferred aftermarket oil supplier for another five years

Aftermarket or service-fill oils refer to any oils put in any vehicles such as a car or motorcycle, during the after-sales service for the general upkeep of a vehicle in its lifetime. Shell has been the preferred lubricant supplier for Hyundai worldwide since 2005.

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