A Review of the ISSE Long Beach Show

Everything that Glitters is Glam: A Review of the ISSE Long Beach Show

As expected, the ISSE show did not disappoint this year with a theme of glitz, glamour, glitter, and hair extensions. Similar to years past, bare-chested men were in booths attracting customers, nails were glammed out, and practically every booth seemed to have someone asking the very important question, “Do you do hair extensions?” Walk off competitions were very hot this year, brandishing new colors and hairstyle trends particularly in the extension category, while also adding glitter makeup to glam up the models.

Under the lights and booming music, hair artists were feverishly fashioning new funky designs. Many exhibitors like DreamCatchers were providing consumers with full heads of free extensions. Morocconoil was displaying its new line of antioxidant rich body products, while CND was touting its new easy-to-remove gel polish. Appliance manufacturers were also showcasing new types of ionic hair dryers, as well as curling irons that make curling a full head of hair a breeze.

We will be tracking all these insights in our continuous research studies: Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief and Salon Hair Care – Global Series.

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