New Too Faced Life's a Festival Collection

Festival Season has Arrived, Along with its Makeup Products, and Many are Shining Online, Shows Amalgam

The U.S. music festival season, which starts in late spring and goes into the summer, draws much attention in the beauty industry for inspiring some of the most talked about trends of the year. Many beauty marketers are using the occasion to launch products specifically for these music festivals. Glitter and bold colors are among the makeup trends that are observed leading up to the 2018 festival season. In 2018, Kline’s digital tracking service Amalgam finds that some of these new products are also some of the best-selling products online. 

Too Faced launches its Life is a Festival Eye Shadow Palette and Festival Refresh Spray in February 2018. The palette mixes bold mattes with holographic and glittery eye shadow shades, while the setting spray incorporates an illuminating element to give consumers an “enchanting, ethereal festival vibe.” Both products were created to give consumers the necessary makeup products to achieve a “festival chic” look, and both products are selling well with the festival crowd, who purchase their makeup online. The Life is a Festival Eye Shadow Palette becomes ranked as the 387th eye shadow palette in February and moves up 134 spots to become the 253rd best selling by April. Meanwhile, the brand’s Festival Refresh Spray becomes the 296th best selling face primer and moves up 19 spots to the 277th best-selling face primer in April.

On a related note is the launch of BH Cosmetic’s Weekend Festival 8-piece collection in April 2018. The brand’s Weekend Festival 20 Color Shadow Palette immediately becomes the 360th best-selling eye shadow palette in April. Even more impressive is that the palette can only be found on and BH Cosmetic’s own website. The brand wishes to captivate the “glam spirit” of the festival season through a mix of blendable bold and glittery colors that can create a variety of different looks.

Aside from these launches, it is evident that new products that tote a glittery facade are popular this spring, whether or not they are products specifically created to wear at festivals. For example, ILNP’s holographic boutique nail lacquer ranks among the top 10 best-selling polishes in January-April 2018. Be sure to ask us about our Amalgam service and what trends you can take advantage of to stay ahead of your online competition.

About Amalgam

Based on the continuous collection, aggregation, and blending of data from approximately 20 leading retailer websites, this new interactive online service uses a proprietary algorithm to score beauty products based on their ranking among best-selling product listings, customer ratings, prevalence, and duration on the charts. For more details, visit our Amalgam pages.

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