Five Professional Cleaning Shifts in Canada

Five Professional Cleaning Shifts in Canada

The Canada market for professional cleaning products is experiencing changes that will create opportunities for suppliers and alter the market with new trends. These changes include:

1. Increase in non-residential construction

According to Statcan, non-residential construction in Canada in April 2023 was up 3.4% since 2020, and the value of building permits for non-residential construction was up 32%. These include manufacturing, industrial, institutional, and retail spaces. Industrial construction is up 5.4%, and 7 of the 10 Canadian provinces have posted gains in commercial construction, with Ontario leading while a large new manufacturing building is also being built in Quebec. All of these trends will lead to an increased demand for janitorial services and products.

2. Emphasis on health and safety

Professional cleaning continues to focus on reducing the spread of germs and bacteria to keep employees, guests, and patrons safe, healthy, and productive.

3. Sustainable solutions

Reducing the environmental impact of operating industrial and institutional facilities is an important consideration, and cleaning products used to maintain these buildings are part of these efforts to be more sustainable. Eco-friendly cleaning products not only help businesses be greener but can also lead to cost savings in the long run.

4. Robotics for increased efficiency

Large commercial buildings often require repetitive tasks to be completed in order to maintain a clean, safe facility. Robotics can help property and janitorial managers tackle large, labor-intensive tasks such as vacuuming or mopping large floor spaces, with predictable performance and consistency in sanitation.

5. Smart technology leading to “smarter” cleaning

Internet-connected technology is increasingly used to provide information to janitorial managers and help them use cleaning staff more effectively and efficiently. Tools such as smart notifications for refills on hand soaps and washroom paper products to automated scheduling systems or checklists help streamline the process and save staff time.

Kline’s I&I Cleaning Products: Canada Market Analysis and Opportunities is an in-depth analysis of the Canada market for professional cleaning products, focusing on key trends, developments, changes, challenges, and business opportunities.​ The report provides the size and segmentation of professional cleaning products in Canada by product and end-use segment. Product coverage includes air and odor control​, dishwashing​, floor care, hand care​, laundry cleaning​, surface cleaning​, and wipes.

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