Focus Shifts to Body Care and Lashes as Key Trends Contribute to Market Growth

Focus Shifts to Body Care and Lashes as Key Trends Contribute to Market Growth

In the ever-changing beauty industry, specific trends revive categories and indicate white space and opportunities.

Lash extensions and consumable eyelash- and eyebrow-enhancing products have become a key trend in beauty in recent years as women opt for alternatives to heavy makeup and move toward effortless beauty with products that deliver long-term results. Our recently published Lash Enhancer Products and Services: U.S. Market Brief reveals that both segments, lash extension services and consumable lash and brow growth accelerator products, achieve healthy growth in 2018. New entrants in recent years, such as Luna Nectar, Vegamour, and Plume Science, are touting natural and cleaner ingredients, free-from claims, and socially responsible practices, and many brands are seeing increased consumer interest in vegan products.

Kline’s digital tracking tool, Amalgam, reveals that top brands in the space, like RapidLash’s Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum and Grande Cosmetics’ GrandeLASH-MD, are among the top five performing products in the eyelash enhancers category in September 2018. Products that appear for the first time in Amalgam in Q3 include RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner in August, which jumps 15 points to the #11 spot by end of Q3, and No7 Lash Impact Lash Serum in July.

In body care, the number of products available in the market increases, as does consumer interest. Body Care: U.S. Market and Opportunities seeks to identify growing segments in the market, the leaders, and some of the trends. One such trend was brought about by consumers seeking products in the category that take a pampering, spa-like approach, like body oils and coconut products.

Body and shower oils have steadily gained popularity over recent months, recording an approximate 85% increase in popularity and reviews, according to Kline’s Amalgam. Body oils offered by brands such as Pur360 become best-sellers on the market with the approach of winter driving consumers to seek out solutions to their dry skin. Foot care is another key trend seen in the market place with foot care lotions that promise hydration and moisturization, plus healing balms, becoming consumer favorites. Foot care products are offered by mass brands such as O’Keefe and luxury players such as Sol de Janeiro alike.

Coconut-scented and infused products make waves in body care. The natural ingredient is most commonly seen in body cleansing products; body washes, hand soaps, and bar soaps account for 70% of the products recognized as best-selling in Amalgam. Body lotions are the second-largest category. Brands like Kopari have based their entire brand positioning around coconut, making it so every product offering in the body, skin, and personal care categories contain coconut oil. Brands such as The Body Shop and SheaMoisture have product lines dedicated to the ingredient, including bar soaps, lotions, and scrubs, among other products.

Written by Dana Kreutzer, Senior Analyst Consumer Products and Alyssa Behrendt, Analyst Consumer Products

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