Professional Skin Care

From Brand Perception to Diversion in Professional Skin Care

Professional skin care marketers often misjudge what is most important to potential buyers, partners, and consumers, and this can lead many to miss the mark on the key attributes that are of equal or greater importance. While new product launches and innovative treatments remain key differentiators, there are often additional factors impacting the choices made by professional skin care venues when choosing a brand. For example, the ability of the marketer to quickly deliver new product shipments so the skin care professional can restock inventory and replenish fast-moving products is an important factor often overlooked by marketers.

Feedback received on Physician-dispensed Skin Care: U.S. Perception and Satisfaction Survey indicates that subscribers to these reports are often able to correct problematic areas seen in the assessment and raise their level of service and sales to better meet the needs of their partners. In prior years, our reports have focused on the medical care providers channel; however, this year, we will also turn to spas and salons, as well as beauty institutes, speaking to professionals not only in the United States, but also those offering aesthetic services in leading countries in Europe, China, and South Korea.

The first edition of Spa and Beauty Institute Skin Care: Perception and Satisfaction Survey will reveal if stalwarts like Murad and Dermalogica receive high scores on important attributes, if there is a difference between the factors that are important to beauty institutes in France versus spas in Europe or the United States, how Amazon Professional has helped marketers to control online diversion issues, and much more. From channel developments to product trends, this study will address all key topics and provide deep insights that will allow marketers to better understand how they can enhance the performance of specific areas in their business.

This year, we’re also introducing Professional Skin Care: U.S. Anti-diversion Practices and Assessment, a new report that will look into the best practices to curb diversion – probably one of the most talked about topics in the professional skin care arena. The study will explore the challenges that marketers and their dispensing partners face and identify opportunities to help curtail diversion. To learn more about these reports and how they can best support your business, please contact us.

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