Professional Nail Care Market in 2014

From Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day: The Professional Nail Care Market Shines with a New Generation of Products!

It’s common knowledge that gels, in particular gel-polishes, have been the hottest category in the nail care industry for the last few years. And while their popularity continues to drive market growth, Kline’s just published Professional Nail Care 2014: Global Market Brief uncovers novelties and the nuances within this $1.2 billion global market.

Although gels have stolen the hearts of millions of women; many have remained loyal, using traditional nail polish when getting their manicures. Furthermore, the new generation of nail polishes including OPI’s Infinite Shine, offering “gel-like” qualities of high shine and chip-free wear may be the answer many women are looking for.

Following on the coattails of CND’s 2013 launch of Vinylux with its long-lasting, high gloss features; leading professional nail care manufacturer, OPI also launched its own version of long-lasting nail polish with the introduction of Infinite Shine towards the end of 2014. The line includes many trendy colors that mirror the same trend-setting array the marketer is known for having.

Another trend enjoying popularity is thermo color-changing nail lacquers, which transforms the polish color when exposed to a temperature change. For example, in 2013 and 2014, Alessandro International introduced color-changing nail polishes under its Go Magic Thermo Twist and Magic Star collections. These polishes, along with sparkles, tinsels, and glitters are popular among various holiday collections this season.

Even though wearing the same color for Christmas and New Year’s can be convenient, to many consumers, New Year’s Eve celebrations are always a great occasion to show off, and therefore marketers and nail salons come up with endless ideas to fulfill the needs of consumers to make this occasion special and unique. Nail art is an ongoing trend in the professional nail industry, as Kline’s second edition on Professional Nail Care market shows. A variety of textures and colors to choose from enables the creativity of nail technicians. If you do not enjoy all the sparkles and glitters, you can definitely go for colors proposed in seasonal collections. Fall/Winter collections are released by most brands and usually contain a set of toned-down colors in greens, blues, browns, violets or darker reds.

To learn more about the hottest trends in the nail industry, please go to our Professional Nail Care 2014: Global Market Brief.

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