At-home Beauty Devices

From Crow’s Feet to Calluses: At-home Beauty Devices Cover it All

The at-home devices market saw another year of positive growth, albeit less than the robust 20% gain previously enjoyed the year before. The key factor behind the lower growth rate is that smaller companies, such as Oregon Aesthetic Technologies and Zeno Corporation, ceased operations while larger ones like NuSkin pulled its Galvanic Spa Facial device from the U.S. market to prepare for an upcoming launch of an FDA-approved version.

As the market becomes more mature, marketers are now tasked with truly scouting out pockets of opportunity to expand their reach, whether it is through the second, third, and even fourth generation devices featuring new product technology, more ergonomical designs, or trying to break through distribution channel barriers.

In 2013, Home Skinovations (Silk’n), a leading marketer of hair removal devices, introduced a series of next generation devices featuring longer-lasting cartridges, lessening the need to replace the cartridges. TRIA Beauty, another leading marketer of hair removal devices, took a cue from Clarisonic and introduced the TRIA Hair Removal Laser 4X in limited edition colors in the summer of 2013. The limited edition line of TRIA Hair Removal Laser 4X is available in an assortment of eight colors, such as lilac, peony, graphite, and fuchsia. The collection, which was launched during the height of the bikini season, experienced an unexpected demand.

Clarisonic tried to widen its net of sonic users with the fall launch of its PEDI device. With a $200.00 price tag, the product promises to exfoliate rough and dry skin on the feet. In addition to being waterproof, the product features three speeds and an adjustable timer. For its key facial devices, the company continues to creatively carve out brushes that appeal to specific skin care needs.

The markets in Asia and Europe look promising for 2014, with details to be covered in our Beauty Devices: Global Marketing Brief report due out in March 2014. Featured in our report will be an important body of consumer research, which will help gauge just what the overall opportunity is for marketers both in the United States and around the world.

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